CorporateMission and Vision


To be a “reference” laboratory in the field of Genetic Disorders Assessment Center by applying the methods accepted in the world in the field of medicine and improving quality awareness in all service units.


To be a “patient-oriented” institution by following patient requests and expectations.
Minimizing possible mistakes with continuous improvement and optimization.
Using repeatable, responsive, and fast methods by following the introduction of new test applications into the medical field.

Integrating automation into all phases and processes, increasing the number of samples to be tested, and providing quality and fast service at optimum cost.


To provide accurate and reliable results.
To use internationally valid and proven methods.
To operate with devices that provide fast, reliable, and precise results by following the developing technology.
To work with calibrated and maintained devices and systems.
To participate in independent Quality Control Programs to control the service process.
To create programs that will contribute to personnel training by increasing service performance.
To provide the test results at the time specified in advance.
To make the necessary explanation and give information in advance in case of delay.
To use disposable material in sampling.
To start working as soon as possible on the procedures of the patients admitted to our center (sampling) and to meet each patient who wants to get information about the test to be performed with a physician.
To strictly comply with appointment times and to inform in advance in case of change.
To secure all information and data with backup in the computer system used.
To ensure sample and report security by process tracking through a single patient number using special management software for the DNA Laboratories Genetic Disorders Assessment Center in the computer system.

To respect patient privacy.

To provide friendly, respectful, and fast service.

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Molecular Genetics
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Scientific Projects
Our Project Services in our DNA Laboratories Genetic Disorders Assessment Center
Genetic Counseling
Genetic counseling is the process of acquiring information on genetic disorders.
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