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DNA condenses during cell division and forms chromosomes. Cytogenetics examines the number and morphology of chromosomes. Chromosomes carry the genetic material of an organism. Human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes carry all the genetic information for each cell to function properly.

Abnormalities in chromosomes may cause developmental delay, congenital defects, and various genetic disorders that may lead to abnormal bodily functions. These genetic disorders may be due to the loss or gain of chromosomes, as well as the deletion or copying of a chromosome. Chromosome disorders constitute an important category of genetic disorders. In the clinical setting, chromosomal abnormalities constitute the majority of patients with congenital malformations, infertility, or recurrent miscarriages.

Cytogenetic testing plays a key role in diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection, and monitoring for patients with hematological or oncological malignancies. The results of the tests performed in the Cytogenetics Laboratory make a valuable contribution to clinical and pathological information as tumor markers are identified and targeted treatments are developed.

The Cytogenetics Laboratory of the DNA Laboratories Genetic Disorders Assessment Center is a leader in cytogenetics. Laboratory managers and genetic counselors work closely with laboratory staff to ensure accurate and reliable results are obtained on time.

The DNA Laboratories Genetic Disorders Assessment Center Cytogenetics Laboratory provides comprehensive testing services that include the following information:

  • Chromosome Analysis from Amniotic Fluid
  • Skin Biopsy Chromosome Analysis
  • DEB Test (Fanconi Analysis)
  • Chromosome Analysis on Low Material
  • Chromosome Analysis from Fetal Blood
  • Bone Marrow Chromosome Analysis
  • Chorionic Villus Sample (CVS) Chromosome Analysis
  • Chromosome Analysis from Peripheral Blood
  • Chromosome Analysis of Solid Tissue Biopsy
  • FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybridization) Tests
  • Microarray Analyses for Congenital (Prenatal and Postnatal) Disorders

Cytogenetics Laboratory innovations have also led to increased efficiency in the processing of samples. In collaboration with pathologists, hematologists, and oncologists, laboratory staff has developed cost-effective data-driven testing algorithms to optimize test use and personalize patient analysis.

You can review our test list or contact us for further information and panel contents about the tests.


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DNA condenses during cell division and forms chromosomes
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