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This unit describes the overview and strategies for molecular genetic diagnosis. Molecular genetics is a genetic and biology study field that allows the structure and functions of prenatal and postnatal genes at the molecular level (based on DNA and RNA).

Molecular genetic tests (or gene tests) examine single genes or short DNA sequences to identify variations or mutations that lead to a genetic disorder. Linkage analysis is applied when the gene is unknown. Genetic linkage analysis is used when there are polymorphic markers that are closely linked to a gene causing the disorder, but when the gene itself is not cloned or when it is difficult or impossible to detect mutations in the gene.  If the gene responsible for a disorder is identified, direct mutation analysis is possible. The unit provides a review of detectable mutation types and strategies that can be used to detect them for direct mutation analysis. The unit then identifies the most appropriate types of disorders for linkage-based analysis and guides for the interpretation of the data. The unit also reviews recent developments in the high-efficiency sequencing system and the possibility of clinical application.

Increased public awareness of the relationship between genetic and personal health has also increased the demand for molecular genetic tests. The benefit of molecular genetic testing is evident in many settings, such as prenatal and pre-implantation diagnosis, risk assessment for familial cancer, and diagnosis of many neurological disorders. Such tests are also used to assess malignancies for diagnostic or staging purposes.

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory provides expertise services in DNA and molecular genetic testing for both congenital and hereditary cancer syndromes. Certified molecular laboratory managers at DNA Laboratories are leaders who are trying to develop new testing methods and to improve test quality continuously in the field of genetic testing. In collaboration with laboratory technologists, managers, and geneticists, they continuously work to improve testing by increasing mutation detection rates and reducing the return period.

DNA Laboratories provide complete test service in the field of molecular genetics with systems installed in the molecular genetic laboratory.

  • PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Real-Time PCR
  • Sequence Analysis (Sequencing-Fragment-Repeat)
  • Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Microarray

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