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Our Project Services in our DNA Laboratories Genetic Disorders Assessment Center
Real-Time PCR Service

Our laboratory serves with Applied Biosystem StepOnePlus and Roche Cobas Z 480 CE IVD devices
Studies within our services;

• Gene Expression Analysis
• miRNA Gene Expression Analysis
• Genetic Variation Analysis: SNP/CNV Genotyping,
• Drug Metabolism Genotyping,
• High-Resolution Melt Curve Analyses (HRM)
• Mutation Scanning

Sample Delivery; Samples such as blood, tissue, serum are accepted as DNA, RNA, and cDNA.

Sequencing and Fragment Analysis Service

We provide fast and reliable results on sequencing and fragment analysis with our Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystems device.

“We do the DNA isolation and PCR of your sample or send us your purified PCR product, we will just do the sequencing analysis.”

• Single Direction (500-800 bp) and Bi-directional Sequencing service (1000-1600 bp)
• Fluorescent-labeled options in fragment analysis service 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET, LIZ, JOE, ROX, HEX
• Primary design

The above-mentioned services are provided.

Next-Generation Sequencing Service

We provide fast and reliable results with Illumina Miseq and Illumina NextSeq 500 devices in our laboratory.

Within Our Services;
• Amplicon Sequencing
• Whole Exome Sequencing
• Clinical Exome Sequencing
• mtDNA Sequencing
• Transcriptome, Rna-Seq, mRNA Sequencing
• miRNA & Small RNA Sequencing
• Metagenomic Sequencing
• De Novo Sequencing
• Cancer Panels
• Whole Genome Sequencing


In addition to all our services;

• Analytical solutions including MicroArray 300K and 750K
• Our Bioinformatics Analysis Solutions,
• DNA or RNA isolation solutions
• DNA, RNA, and library measurement solutions (ThermoFisher Qubit 4.0, Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, MaestroGen Nanodrop)
• Although we have a comprehensive primary design pool, we provide primary design solutions specific to each project
• Cytogenetic and Molecular Cytogenetic (Leica GSL 120 MetaSystem – Olympus BX-61 Bioview) solutions

The above-mentioned services are provided in our laboratory..

You can review our test list or contact us for further information and panel contents about the tests.


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Scientific Projects
Our Project Services in our DNA Laboratories Genetic Disorders Assessment Center
Genetic Counseling
Genetic counseling is the process of acquiring information on genetic disorders.
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